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New Release at Zig Zag Scrap and Bake Sale at Browniescraps

Hi All,

As September ends, we are wrapping up Browniescraps’ birthday celebration with a bake sale! 22 packs of all types of templates that will only be available for 3 days. They will forever be retired afterwards so grab them while you can!

Here is my product pack: My Signature v1, 3 signature templates for you to choose from to prepare your new signature for next month.

Center of Attention

Additionally, I have a new release this week at Zig Zag Scrap: Center of Attention. The template idea comes from my daughter who just absolutely loves being the center of attention. She hates to be ignored and will constantly sing and dance to attract people’s attention. I hope you like the templates!

Here are some inspirations from my fabulous CTs and ZZS’s CTs. I especially want to highlight this layout by Petra. It’s so mundane but fun at the same time. It really reminds me that small, seemingly insignificant things can actually be very helpful and important.

Tutorial: How to make layouts with templates

If you are new to digital scrapbooking, using a digital scrapbooking template is a great way to start. I remembered when I started, staring at a blank 12 in x 12 in page could feel daunting. How can I fill up all that space? I really almost gave up as I though that it was taking way too much time to create a scrapbook layout. That is until I learned about templates. It’s so much easier to scrap with templates and I don’t feel so intimidated anymore. It gives me something to start and I can change things here and there as I made the layout into my own unique page.

My templates are available in without shadow .png format, shadowed and without shadow .psd format, and shadowed and without shadow .tiff format. The .png format is generally for people who use Storybook creator software where they need to rebuild the template by adding the .png files one by one. I only have Photoshop CS5 so that is the program that I will be showing you all on how to make a layout with my template.

Shadowed vs no shadow

Shadowing is a whole new topic that we could discuss in scrapbooking. I’m not going to go into detail here. If you are beginner it would be easier to use the shadowed version so you don’t have worry about shadowing.

For this tutorial I am going to use the .psd shadowed file.

This is what it looks like when I clicked open the page. We will be working a lot with the layer window (bottom right). If it doesn’t show up in your photoshop you can find it through Windows –> Layers.

If you look at the layers window, you will see that I have named each layer according to its function (paper, flower, photo, etc.). Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

First click on the bottom paper layer, then choose the paper that you want to put in the place of that and just drag it to your template. It will be automatically added above the paper layer. There are several ways you can do this. If you have mini bridge, I personally like to use the mini bridge. For this tutorial I will only be using the mini bridge method for now.

You can find the mini bridge through Windows –> Extensions –> Mini Bridge

On the mini bridge window click on the rectangle on top and choose the directory of the kit you want to use. Here I use River~Rose’s Creative Soul.

Now choose the background paper that you want for the background and just click on it in the mini bridge view and drag and drop to the template. Notice that in the layer window the paper you chose is now on top of the template paper layer.

Next choose Layer –> Create clipping mask or (Ctrl + Alt + G) to clip the kit paper to the template paper. Notice that the kit paper will become indented.

Repeat the clipping process for all the papers and photos layer. Notice how I have several “clips” for the papers and photos.

Now let’s work on the embellishments (flowers, leaves, ric rac, ribbon, etc.). Basically you choose the embellishment you would like to use from the kit, put it on the place of the template embellishment, copy the layer style of the template elements and paste it on the kit elements.

As you see in the image example, I chose a ribbon and drag it to the position of the template ribbon. Then click on the triangle besides the (fx) on the template ribbon layer to show the drop shadow. Right click on the drop shadow and choose “copy layer style”. Then right click on the kit ribbon and choose “paste layer style”. Now your kit ribbon is shadowed and you can delete the template ribbon by right clicking it again and choose “delete layer”.

Repeat the process for all the template embellishments. If the embellishment is not available in the kit that you use, you can always substitute. For example, the kit that I chose did not have a ric rac so I use another ribbon in the place of it. Also, you can resize or rotate the kit elements to fit the page best.

Next for the title, select the “T” on the right and click on the “Title Here” on the template and type in your title. You can change the font type, size and color according to what works best with the kit and your design. It’s the same with the journaling, just delete the words in the template and type in with your own journaling.

Final page:

This is the basic use of a template. Once you get the hang of it you can of course make a lot of changes to it. You can add more elements, delete elements, rotate the template or resize it.

Hope the tutorial help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll help you out the best that I can.

Brownie Scraps Grab Bag

I have teamed up with Erika of Littlebitshoppe Designs to make this Grab Bag #5 for Brownie Scraps’ birthday celebration. It’s only $5 for 6 awesome clustered template product packs, which make a total of 12 individual templates. The grab bag will only be available for a week so don’t miss the chance to grab it for such a low price. For full preview of the templates look in the store link.

Here are some inspirations from me and my fabulous CT members.

Mellow by Angelclaud ArtRoom

Cut Outs v1 by Angelclaud ArtRoom

Grandiose by Angelclaud ArtRoom

About Me: Designer’s Name

Hi All,

I want to share a bit about how I decided on my designer’s name.

“Angelclaud” is my username all over the web since around 1997. The “Angel” part should be fairly easy. It’s from my first name “Angela”. “Claud” is actually from “Claudia” and no, it’s not my middle name. In 1997 I fell in love with the movie Interview with the Vampire by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and also the whole Vampire series by Anne Rice. If you know that movie/series, Claudia is the little vampire girl, the eternal doll. She is adorable but truly a bit scary too. Somehow I just felt that “Angelclaud” sounds nice and at that time no way uses that username so it’s easy to register with it everywhere. And that’s how I got my username.

As for ArtRoom, which might be a bit confusing to a lot of people, it’s truly 1 word with capital “A” and “R”. So pretty please if you’ve read this, don’t credit to “Angelclaud Art Room” but to “Angelclaud ArtRoom” although it’s truly no big deal at all. I needed a name for my facebook page and since scrapbooking is a kind of “art” and my facebook page will be kind of like a “room” where I showcase all my layouts and stuff, I decided on ArtRoom. And I combine them as 1 word because, well, I don’t know, I just like it.

Well, that’s the story behind my designer’s name.

Grand Opening of my Zig Zag Scrap Store and Newsletter Freebie

I am so happy and thrilled to have found my permanent home at Zig Zag Scrap:

It’s such a great store and the people there are so friendly and helpful.

To celebrate, I have made a new newsletter freebie and will be giving out coupon randomly for three days at my facebook page:

And here are all the new goodies at ZZS. They’re 20% throughout the weekend.

I Heart You

Cluster Crazy

Summer Stories

“Summer Stories” is another one of my journal-template series. As summer has ended I think it will be great to kind of reflect back at the summer activities and preserve the summer memories.

New Newsletter Freebie

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Winner of the Blog Contest

We have a winner!!! Congrats to lawyerlyn!!! Please email me at so I can email you your coupon code to get the template. All your inputs are very useful. Thanks for the participation.

Win my new release at my new store!

Hi All,

I am so thrilled to announce that I have found my permanent home and I will open my new store there on September 14th. To celebrate, I have several contests going on. You have several chances to win my new releases.

1. Guess my store at DST:
2. Answer my question below to win a new release at my blog.

You have until my store opens to participate and then I’ll choose the winners randomly with

This is the sneak peak of the new release you can win at my blog.

My question: I’ve always been curious about shadowed template. I know a lot of scrappers prefer the no shadow version, does anybody use the shadowed version? If you do, why? or if you do not, why?


Brownie Scraps’ 4th Birthday Blog Hop: Piece by Piece

Hi All,

Welcome to my piece of the Brownie Scraps’ 4th Birthday Facebook/Blog Hop. Follow the puzzle piece to collect different template goodies! You should have arrived here from Moments of Harmony.

Click on the puzzle piece below to download my part. Combine my facebook and blog parts and you’ll get a full template!

Your next stop is Bonnie Allen Designs.

If you’re lost, the beginning of the hop is from Brownie Scraps’ Blog.