Win my new release at my new store!

Hi All,

I am so thrilled to announce that I have found my permanent home and I will open my new store there on September 14th. To celebrate, I have several contests going on. You have several chances to win my new releases.

1. Guess my store at DST:
2. Answer my question below to win a new release at my blog.

You have until my store opens to participate and then I’ll choose the winners randomly with

This is the sneak peak of the new release you can win at my blog.

My question: I’ve always been curious about shadowed template. I know a lot of scrappers prefer the no shadow version, does anybody use the shadowed version? If you do, why? or if you do not, why?



5 thoughts on “Win my new release at my new store!

  1. I prefer the shadowed. It is easier to envision the finished product when it is shadowed. Flat templates are really hard to separate the number and layer of elements at a glance.

  2. I use the unshadowed ones – I add my own shadows and delete the extra copy with the shadows. But… when the shadowed ones are the only ones when you unzip, I do use most of the preset shadows it comes with.

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