New Release at Zig Zag Scrap and Bake Sale at Browniescraps

Hi All,

As September ends, we are wrapping up Browniescraps’ birthday celebration with a bake sale! 22 packs of all types of templates that will only be available for 3 days. They will forever be retired afterwards so grab them while you can!

Here is my product pack: My Signature v1, 3 signature templates for you to choose from to prepare your new signature for next month.

Center of Attention

Additionally, I have a new release this week at Zig Zag Scrap: Center of Attention. The template idea comes from my daughter who just absolutely loves being the center of attention. She hates to be ignored and will constantly sing and dance to attract people’s attention. I hope you like the templates!

Here are some inspirations from my fabulous CTs and ZZS’s CTs. I especially want to highlight this layout by Petra. It’s so mundane but fun at the same time. It really reminds me that small, seemingly insignificant things can actually be very helpful and important.

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