Polygon – Hexagon Ideas

Hi All,

I wanted to talk a bit about using Polygon, in this case, hexagon in layouts. To be honest, I’ve never used them in layouts before because for me, they felt a bit odd and out of place unlike circles, squares, and rectangles. I don’t really use other shapes including triangle, diamond, etc. However, I decided to give it a try to make a template with it after it was requested by Sharon. It turned out that they are quite fun and not so “odd” after all. One of my CTs commented that they are great for showcasing patterned papers. Here are some ideas on some creative use of hexagon.

1. For photos

This is definitely the most general/easy usage. I think it definitely draws people attention to the photos due to the more different shape.

2. As fasteners (buttons, brads, etc.)

If you clip papers to the shape and make it smaller, they also work great as fasteners.

3. As block to showcase patterned papers or different elements

Similarly to square blocks used to showcase patterned papers or to put different elements on, the hexagon could also be used for such purpose.

In this layout by Amanda Yi, she placed different parts of the page. In one hexagon she placed the adjective to emphasize the yummy page, in another hexagon she placed the garlic elements with frame which is the main subject of her page, and in another, cooking related element.

4. Enhance specific theme/feel for tool/construction, etc. page

I really don’t know how to categorize this but I got this idea through Lori’s page here where she used the hexagon for metal-screw like feel for her Under Construction page. I think the shape of hexagon reminds me of screws and if you’re scrapping similar/tools/constructions type of theme, it would work great in the page.

I hope those give you all some ideas on what to do with hexagon and if you don’t normally scrap with them, you might experiment and have a little bit of fun with them. If you have more ideas and suggestions on creative use of hexagon, I would love to hear more of your ideas.

Happy scrapping!

2 thoughts on “Polygon – Hexagon Ideas

  1. Great variations on the hexagon shape through your example layouts – I’ve never really thought much about them either – so great to see that you’ve given us a few ideas how to use them in layouts – thanks.

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