Grab Bags Mix n Match Tips and Tutorials

Hi All,

I am releasing a special Mix n Match grab bags for iDSD and here is a tutorial about how you might use the different packs to make 1 unique layout.

Before we start, in case you have different arrange documents setting, please choose first “consolidate all” setting.

First open all the different parts that you want to mix n match. For example here I chose stacked paper temp1 and photo cluster temp2.

Click on the acart_stpaperv1temp1 tab and activate the paper layer that you would put the photo cluster on top of.

Select the “move tool (v)”, normally the 1st tool from the top and check the auto select-group and show transform control box.

Go to the photo cluster temp2 tab and click on the most bottom layer, then scroll up to the top layer and shift+right click on it to select all the layers.

Move your mouse to around the middle of the photo cluster (where I drew the star) and the right click and hold it and then drag the whole cluster to the acart_stpaperv1temp1 tab above.

You should be taken to the paper page. Position your mouse cursor to where you want the photo cluster and then release it. The whole photo cluster will be added into the stacked paper template. With all the photo cluster layers still selected, you can move it around until you it’s at the position that you want. Now you can start scrapping with the unique template!

Don’t forget you can also rotate it, resize it, or add another photo cluster/stacked border/title cluster, etc. There are so many possibilities.

Here is a template with stacked paper temp1, photo cluster temp2, title cluster temp1, and stacked border temp2.

Here are some mix n matching from my creative team.

This is honestly one of my favorite layout. It’s such a busy page but yet it doesn’t look “too busy” but everything flows in nicely. I love how Kelly uses the arrows to point to the highlights of the page (photos and journal). Parts used: stacked paper temp3, 3 x photo cluster temp 1, which are rotated in different directions.

I love how Ella created a more “white space” layout by making the photo clusters smaller and putting everything on the side. They also made a great triangle with the blended photo in the middle. Parts used: 2 x photo cluster temp2 and title cluster temp2.

Here is another gorgeous “white space” layout by Ella. Here she only used the stacked border temp 1 and she rotated it to be placed at the top.

Lori showed that you can create a more simple layout with the cluster. Here she rotated the stacked paper and the photo cluster. She also added some journaling and title below the photo cluster. Parts used: stacked paper temp 1 and photo cluster temp1.

For this page Maria used stacked paper temp3 and photo cluster temp2.

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