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New Releases: 2013 Desktop Wallpaper: January – April

Hi All,

This is my last product for 2012. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to 2012 and excited to welcome 2013. I’ve prepared this January-April desktop wallpaper to welcome 2013. It’s available in 3 sizes: 1440×900, 1024×768, and 1280×800. It is available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps. And being the last product of 2012, it is currently on a special end of the year sale: 35% off.

Here are my and some of my CT’s desktop wallpaper for January.

While most of us only have our January’s wallpaper ready, Conny has all 4 months prepared. They are all just so gorgeous too!

New Release: Floral Splatter at Mscraps

Hi All,

This week I have two very special new releases: Photo Mask v1 and Floral Splatter Template pack.

I’ve always loved photo masks as it’s so easy to just clip photo on it and get a beautiful photo framing.

However, sometimes it’s very difficult to embellish around the frame to fit the style of the frame and so I’ve also designed a pre-made template to help you get you started in case if you need some inspirations.

Here are some CT inspirations.

New Release: High End at The Digichick

Hi All,

I have a new release this week at the Digichick: High End. It’s another whimsical and fun template with more white space design. It’s currently on 30% new release sale.

Here are some inspirations from my CT.

Calendar Tips and Tricks

Hi All,

I want to share with you all some tips and tricks about using my new release: 2013 Calendar in 8.5in x 11in size, available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps.

You can easily change the color of the by clipping colored layer to the calendar.

First, create a layer above the calendar.

Then choose the Paint Bucket Tool.

Fill the new empty layer with the color that you want.

Clip the color layer to the calendar above by going to Layer –> Create Clipping Mask or the shortcut Alt+Ctrl+G.

And tada, the color of the calendar is changed.

Now you can adjust the color of the calendar according to the color scheme of your page.

New Release: 2013 Calendar 8.5in x 11in

Hi All,

I know that this is probably a bit late, but well, late is better than nothing right? Here is a set of 2013 calendar template in 8.5in x 11in. It’ll be great to have a personalized 2013 calendar for personal use or as gift to friends and families. The template is available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps. It’s currently on 25% new release sale at Gingerscraps. You can use this coupon: ms2013cal5off for an additional 5% off at Mscraps. Coupon expires Dec 17th.

One of my CT, Conny, did an incredible job finishing up the 2013 calendar. Hats off to her, she is absolutely amazing. Look at her 2013 calendar:

Here are some more inspirations from my CT:

Don’t Celebrate Christmas but still want to join in the fun, read on………..

Hi All,

Christmas is one of the most awaited and important holiday of the year. December is definitely the month of Christmas with so many Christmas themed kits and products releases. However, there are still some people that don’t celebrate Christmas, including me. I honestly get so envious sometimes watching all the awesome Christmas layouts and celebration. I had wished so many times that I could also participate by making Christmas layouts but I honestly don’t have any Christmas photos AT ALL. So how to solve this problem?

Luckily, I did find a couple of solutions thanks to my awesome CTs. So I thought to share this tips and tricks with all those who don’t celebrate Christmas but still wish to join in the fun.

1. Take photos of Christmas decorations in malls, stores, and other public places.
Normally nearing Christmas time, the malls, stores, etc. will start to decorate with Christmas decorations. Those photos would be perfect for a Christmas layout.

If you live near Disneyland or other amusement park, you can be sure to be able to capture some awesome Christmas decorations.

Credit: We Wish You A Merry Christmas Kit and Add-on by Chelle’s Creations

Credit: Season’s Greetings by Indigo Designs

Special Christmas displays or exhibition is also a great more general Christmas theme photos you can use to scrap Christmas kits.

Credit: Snowflake Kisses by Touched By A Butterfly

Credit: Snowflake Kisses by Touched By A Butterfly

2. Christmas photos RAK
You could also ask if your friends who celebrate Christmas might be willing to let you scrap their photos.

The photos in this page is a courtesy of Jen.

Candy Cane Cuties by Kristin Aagard Designs
Candy Cane Cuties Sticker Pack by Kristin Aagard Designs

Hopefully, those two tips will at least help you be able to enjoy the fun of Christmas a bit.

The sample layouts are all created with my new release: Christmas Jingle available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps. It’s currently on 25% new release sale. Grab this coupon: mscjingle5off for an additional 5% off at Mscraps. Coupon expires Dec 10th.

New Release: Christmas Jingle

Hi All,

I am sure you all have seen all the gorgeous Christmas theme kits released by various designers. After all in the month of December, Christmas and New Year is two of the most awaited holidays. We simply must also have a Christmas themed template to join in the fun right? So here is my new release for this week: Christmas Jingle. It is available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps and as usual it’s on 25% new release sale. Grab this coupon: mscjingle5off for an additional 5% off at Mscraps. Coupon expires Dec 10th.

Here are some CT inspirations.

Tips on Using Artistic Side Template

Hi All,

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on using Artistic Side Template.

1. Clip papers to the smears to create a mixed media background

Here is an example of the clipping page:

This is the background view.

These are the papers that I used.

Kit credit:

2. Replace the smears with ready made smears or a combination of both.

For this layout I combined the clipping papers and replacing elements technique.

This is the view of the background with smears. I used a total of 6 smears.

These are the smears that I used.

This is the view of the background with clipped papers.

These are the papers I used:

This is the complete background.

Kit Credit:

3. If you’re not the messy, mixed media type, you could always delete all the smears layers and scrap with a clean, traditional background.

Kit Credit: