New Release : Pretty Pair

Hi All,

This week has been so crazy for me. My house and area has been flooded due to heavy rainfalls. The drainage system in Jakarta is pretty bad and smaller flooding are already quite a common occurrence. It’s nothing new to us. But the flood that started Tuesday is really bad and in some parts of our resident area the water is as high as 1 meter. Our house are flooded up till around 60-80cm. We don’t have electricity and clean water so we had to evacuate to the hotel.

I just felt lucky that we could still evacuate and at least I don’t need to worry about contaminated water and that my 3 years old daughter might get sick. Now we are just hoping that the water won’t rise anymore and will recede soon. Although that seems a bit unlikely because the weather forecast more rain for the next few days.

If you’re interested, you can read about the news here:

Anyway, luckily I brought my laptop and external harddrive so I can still more or less work and design.

Here is my new release for this week. It is a double page template. It is also good for p52 weekly layout. You’ll have lots of photos and journal space. I hope you like it!


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