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New Release: Square Fun

Hi all,

Let’s have some fun with squares this week. Square Fun is a template full of big and small squares. It’s a great template for showcasing papers to decorate the page. It is available at Gingerscraps and is 20% off throughout the weekend.

Flower Market Sale: Mirror Mirror

Hi All,

Hope you all had a nice weekend! It’s time for our Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale again. Are you ready to do some shopping? In the market this week is Mirror Mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? This template is 50% off for 1 day only. Don’t miss it!

Here are some truly “Fair” layouts by Christelle and Kelly.

By Christelle

By Kelly

Two New Releases: One of a Kind and Pretty Pair v2

Hi All,

Time is certainly zooming by. Can you believe it’s almost end of March??!!! This month has truly been such a busy and hectic month for me. Still ongoing smaller renovations, no Internet, my daughter got sick, then DH went on a business trip, so many unexpected things to keep me busy. I am just glad that I am an in-advanced type of designers that I don’t get too stress out about releasing new products on schedule.

This week I have two new releases. The first is Pretty Pair v2. It is is available exclusively at Scrapbook-Bytes. It is a double page template with lots of photos and journaling space.

The second one is One of a Kind. It is an artsy style template with a lot of brushwork and photo masks. It’s available as a bundle (template and photo masks) or just the photo mask. It is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower.

Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale

Hi All,

Due to the way different stores’ sale and coupon system is set up, I have decided to make some changes so it will be easier for us all. There will no longer be a Monday New Twist but instead it will now become part of Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale, which means the sale will be 50% instead of 40% and there is no need for you all to apply the coupon anymore.

So here is the Flower Market product of the week: Gathering Time.

New Release and Re-release: Translucence and Mix n Match v2

Hi All,

I have a special new release this week: Translucence. I’ve played around a bit with vellum frame/paper in the template. I think it adds more interest to the pages. Hope you like it! It is available at Scrapbook-Bytes and currently on 20% off throughout the weekend.

I’ve also re-released my previous Mscraps’ Birthday Party Bags at Mscraps, Scrapflower, and Gingerscraps. It’s available in individual packs and also as a bundle.

Tutorial: Text Path

Hi All,

I always provide text path box for fast and easy journaling in my templates but there are times when you might need to edit the text path to fit your layout design and here is a tutorial on how to create your own text path. I used one of my Party Time’s template for example.

First choose the shape for your text path. It could be a square, rectangle, circle, etc. Here I chose the rectangle tool. Then make sure to select the “paths” and the “Add to paths”.

Draw out the area you want to journal in. Next I want to avoid the scatters or in other cases perhaps elements, other photos, etc. so that they don’t overlap my journal.

I can do that by selecting the “subtract from path area” and draw out the path to cover the area that I want to remove from the active text path. If you see from the image above, I selected the three areas with the scatters. It’s ok for the path to overlap. You can also use other shape’s path (circle, etc.) if needed.

Create a new layer and then choose the text tool and click anywhere in the active path area and just start typing.

Hope the tutorial helps and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

New Release: Party Time

Hi All,

The first week of March has really been so busy and hectic for me. Our house’s renovation is on its final stage and we are so busy unpacking and cleaning up. I didn’t have Internet for a couple of days last week and my daughter has been sick since Monday.As a result, I’m really a bit overwhelmed trying to catch up with all my designing work.

This is my new release this week. It’s a party theme templates and I just love all the layouts (both party themed and non-party layouts) that my CT created with them. Since I really want everyone with party with me, Party Time is available at all my stores: Mscraps, Gingerscraps, Scrapflower, and Scrapbook-Bytes and is currently on 20% new release sale.

Birthday Sale, Two New Releases, a Guest Store, and Blog Train

Hi All,

March is going to be a busy busy month for me because it’s my birthday month! I have so many things planned for this month. Let’s take a look at all the fun things in details.

Birthday Sale
My birthday is on Mar 4th so I am having a birthday sale from Mar 1st – Mar 7th. Everything at all my stores are 32% off.

In addition to the birthday sale, I am the featured designer at Mscraps for the week and if you are a Mscraps newsletter subscribers you can get this template free. If you are not a subscriber, you will get the info on how to get this freebie as soon as you subscribed before March 5th. Just click on the image preview for more info.

It’s the third template from my previous two OHAPPYDAY freebies at Mscraps and Scrapflower’s forum. There will be 1 more freebie in the month of March. If you download them all, you will have a full free product.

Guest Store: Scrapbook-Bytes

I will be guesting at Scrapbook Bytes for the month of March. I am really excited to be guesting there because SBB is the place where I started out scrapbooking. I learned so much by participating in their challenges and of course they have some awesome designers and community.

Check out my guest store at Scrapbook-Bytes here.

Two New Releases

p365/p52 March Template
How are you all doing with the p365? I am proud to report that I am still continuing it despite the fact that I did miss 1 day of photo. 😦

Here is the p365/p52 March Template. It is available at all my stores: Mscraps, Gingerscraps, Scrapflower, and Scrapbook-Bytes.

March Petal Picks: Artsy Blend 1
We are starting monthly Petal Picks products at Scrapflower. It’s a bit different from previous Petal Picks. Basically, it’s more of a build your own collaboration. You can find all kind of different assorted products with the same color scheme that you can mix and match to make your own collaboration. Here is mine for this month.

DST Mar 2013 Blog Train

Welcome to DST’s March 2013 Blog Train. You should have arrived here from A Little Giggle Designs. Here is my part. Just click on the image preview to download.

Your next stop should be StarSongStudio. If you are lost you can find the complete list here.