Tutorial: Text Path

Hi All,

I always provide text path box for fast and easy journaling in my templates but there are times when you might need to edit the text path to fit your layout design and here is a tutorial on how to create your own text path. I used one of my Party Time’s template for example.

First choose the shape for your text path. It could be a square, rectangle, circle, etc. Here I chose the rectangle tool. Then make sure to select the “paths” and the “Add to paths”.

Draw out the area you want to journal in. Next I want to avoid the scatters or in other cases perhaps elements, other photos, etc. so that they don’t overlap my journal.

I can do that by selecting the “subtract from path area” and draw out the path to cover the area that I want to remove from the active text path. If you see from the image above, I selected the three areas with the scatters. It’s ok for the path to overlap. You can also use other shape’s path (circle, etc.) if needed.

Create a new layer and then choose the text tool and click anywhere in the active path area and just start typing.

Hope the tutorial helps and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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