About Me: Designer’s Name

Hi All,

I want to share a bit about how I decided on my designer’s name.

“Angelclaud” is my username all over the web since around 1997. The “Angel” part should be fairly easy. It’s from my first name “Angela”. “Claud” is actually from “Claudia” and no, it’s not my middle name. In 1997 I fell in love with the movie Interview with the Vampire by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and also the whole Vampire series by Anne Rice. If you know that movie/series, Claudia is the little vampire girl, the eternal doll. She is adorable but truly a bit scary too. Somehow I just felt that “Angelclaud” sounds nice and at that time no way uses that username so it’s easy to register with it everywhere. And that’s how I got my username.

As for ArtRoom, which might be a bit confusing to a lot of people, it’s truly 1 word with capital “A” and “R”. So pretty please if you’ve read this, don’t credit to “Angelclaud Art Room” but to “Angelclaud ArtRoom” although it’s truly no big deal at all. I needed a name for my facebook page and since scrapbooking is a kind of “art” and my facebook page will be kind of like a “room” where I showcase all my layouts and stuff, I decided on ArtRoom. And I combine them as 1 word because, well, I don’t know, I just like it.

Well, that’s the story behind my designer’s name.