New Release: Fleeting Moments

Hi All,

This week I have another artsy template new release. It’s a bit different that some of my previous artsy templates as it has a more defined brush-element (not sure what you call it) like the rose, butterfly, timepiece, etc. I think they truly emphasize my theme/idea of time passing by really quickly and I wanted to capture some of the fleeting moments. I hope you like the templates. Fleeting Moments is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower. As usual, it’s on 20% new release sale throughout the weekend.

Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale

Hi All,

Due to the way different stores’ sale and coupon system is set up, I have decided to make some changes so it will be easier for us all. There will no longer be a Monday New Twist but instead it will now become part of Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale, which means the sale will be 50% instead of 40% and there is no need for you all to apply the coupon anymore.

So here is the Flower Market product of the week: Gathering Time.

New Twist: Balancing Act

Hi All,

The water has receded from my house and we have returned home today. We started the massive cleaning work immediately and thus the delay for the New Twist posting. Thanks for all the concerns and prayers. The new twist for today is “Balancing Act”. It was a template inspired by the circus’s balancing act. It is available at Mscraps and use this coupon: jantwistbact for 40% off.

Translation about the New Twist

Dutch: Iedere maandag willen mijn team en ik jullie wat inspiratie geven hoe de templates opnieuw te gebruiken die je wellicht al in je bezit hebt en het een nieuwe look te geven. Mocht je het template niet hebben, gebruik dan deze couponcode: jantwistbact voor 40% korting gedurende de “New Twist Day”.

German: Jeden Montag werden mein Team und Ich,Dir einige Inspirationen zeigen, wie Du Templates,die Du bereits hast,wiederverwenden und Ihnen einen neuen Look geben kannst. Wenn Du diese Templates nicht hast verwende diesen Gutschein-Code: jantwistbact für 40 % Rabatt im Laufe des “New Twist” Day.

French: Tous les lundis ma team et moi essaierons de vous apporter quelque inspiration pour utiliser à nouveau certains templates que vous avez peut-être déjà utilisés . De plus, Si vous n’avez pas encore le template, je vous offre 40 % de remise avec ce coupon (code jantwistbact) valable le jour du “new tiwst day”.

Let’s see what my awesome CTs came up with.

By Kasta

For her page Kasta used acart_batemp4. She deleted some of the paper layering and replaced them with elements such as the paper scroll.


By Edna

Edna used acart_batemp3. She tilted the template, deleted the bottom circle photo frame, and replaced the journal space with scatters.

Credit: My Dream in Red by Butterfly Design

By Emily

Emily rotated it 180 degree, moved the large photo mat and framed the small photo. She also erased the journaling and used a journaling card.


Chat, Scrap, and Win at Gingerscraps

Hi all, I am hosting a chat and scrap at Gingerscraps on Jan 8th at 10.30pm EST. You’ll get a free template to scrap with and a chance to win a normal product of your choice if you participate in the challenge. Hope to see you all there!

New Release: High End at The Digichick

Hi All,

I have a new release this week at the Digichick: High End. It’s another whimsical and fun template with more white space design. It’s currently on 30% new release sale.

Here are some inspirations from my CT.

Calendar Tips and Tricks

Hi All,

I want to share with you all some tips and tricks about using my new release: 2013 Calendar in 8.5in x 11in size, available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps.

You can easily change the color of the by clipping colored layer to the calendar.

First, create a layer above the calendar.

Then choose the Paint Bucket Tool.

Fill the new empty layer with the color that you want.

Clip the color layer to the calendar above by going to Layer –> Create Clipping Mask or the shortcut Alt+Ctrl+G.

And tada, the color of the calendar is changed.

Now you can adjust the color of the calendar according to the color scheme of your page.

New Release: 2013 Calendar 8.5in x 11in

Hi All,

I know that this is probably a bit late, but well, late is better than nothing right? Here is a set of 2013 calendar template in 8.5in x 11in. It’ll be great to have a personalized 2013 calendar for personal use or as gift to friends and families. The template is available at Mscraps and Gingerscraps. It’s currently on 25% new release sale at Gingerscraps. You can use this coupon: ms2013cal5off for an additional 5% off at Mscraps. Coupon expires Dec 17th.

One of my CT, Conny, did an incredible job finishing up the 2013 calendar. Hats off to her, she is absolutely amazing. Look at her 2013 calendar:

Here are some more inspirations from my CT:

New Release: Artistic Side by Angelclaud ArtRoom and ViolaMoni

Hi All,

I have a very special new release at Gingerscraps this week. It’s my very first collaboration with other designer. Additionally, I have so much fun with the theme that we chose: a mixed media theme. I’ve always loved playing with smears, brushes, and blending, which I think it’s just perfect for this theme. I’m not a 100% art-journaler but I do like the mixed look of a mixed media style and digital scrapbooking. I hope that you all will like this collaboration too.

Here are some inspiration with the template + kit.

Here are some templates inspirations