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New Release: Fleeting Moments

Hi All,

This week I have another artsy template new release. It’s a bit different that some of my previous artsy templates as it has a more defined brush-element (not sure what you call it) like the rose, butterfly, timepiece, etc. I think they truly emphasize my theme/idea of time passing by really quickly and I wanted to capture some of the fleeting moments. I hope you like the templates. Fleeting Moments is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower. As usual, it’s on 20% new release sale throughout the weekend.

New Release: Flowers Showers

Hi All,

Flowers are one of the most important elements for me in scrapbooking. They just seemed to be always able to make my page pretty. My new release this week is a template with lots of flowers: Flowers Shower. It’s available at Mscraps, Gingerscraps, and Scrapflower; and is 20% off throughout the weekend.

New Releases: p365/p52 April Template and Artsy Blends 2

Hi All,

I have two new releases this week: p365/p52 April Template and Artsy Blends 2.

I hope that you are all doing well with your p365/p52 project. I am still continuing it although I am quite behind in scrapping the photos and I did miss a couple of days’ photo. But I think it’s an interesting project to continue on and I do look forward to looking back in 2014 at it all. Anyway, this p365/p52 April template is available at Mscraps, Gingerscraps, and Scrapflower and will be 20% off throughout the weekend.

We also have our Petal Pick’s available at Scrapflower and I’m really enjoying designing the Artsy Blends series template. Artsy Blends 2 is now available in a four template pack at Scrapflower and is also currently at 20%.

Guest Store Opening, Promotion, and Freebies

I am so excited to announce that I am opening my guest store at Brownie Scraps. For three days I will be having a “buy 2 template packs and get 1 template pack free” promotion. Just add the 3 template packs that you like in the shopping cart and it will reflect the price for 2 template packs only.

I am also giving out a template, signature, and facebook timeline freebie at my facebook page, blog, and newsletter. Information on how to grab them is available at the end of this post.

Let’s now look at the new template packs available at Brownie Scraps and some gorgeous CT layouts for inspiration. If you would like to take a closer look at the layouts, just click on it for the full image.

Circle of Memories




Full of Details





Where My Heart Is







Free Samplers

Facebook Page: Facebook Timeline Freebie

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Blog: Signature Template Freebie

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