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New Release: Fleeting Moments

Hi All,

This week I have another artsy template new release. It’s a bit different that some of my previous artsy templates as it has a more defined brush-element (not sure what you call it) like the rose, butterfly, timepiece, etc. I think they truly emphasize my theme/idea of time passing by really quickly and I wanted to capture some of the fleeting moments. I hope you like the templates. Fleeting Moments is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower. As usual, it’s on 20% new release sale throughout the weekend.

New Release: Flowers Showers

Hi All,

Flowers are one of the most important elements for me in scrapbooking. They just seemed to be always able to make my page pretty. My new release this week is a template with lots of flowers: Flowers Shower. It’s available at Mscraps, Gingerscraps, and Scrapflower; and is 20% off throughout the weekend.

New Release: Elegant Extravaganza

Hi All,

You all probably know by now that I love playing with brushes. The new release this week is quite brush work heavy. Therefore the file size is a tad bigger. The files are zipped and named accordingly so you can choose to download only the file format that you use though. Elegant Extravaganza is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower and is on 20% off throughout the weekend.

Here are my fantastic CT inspirations.

Flower Market Sale: Mirror Mirror

Hi All,

Hope you all had a nice weekend! It’s time for our Scrapflower’s Flower Market Sale again. Are you ready to do some shopping? In the market this week is Mirror Mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? This template is 50% off for 1 day only. Don’t miss it!

Here are some truly “Fair” layouts by Christelle and Kelly.

By Christelle

By Kelly

Two New Releases: One of a Kind and Pretty Pair v2

Hi All,

Time is certainly zooming by. Can you believe it’s almost end of March??!!! This month has truly been such a busy and hectic month for me. Still ongoing smaller renovations, no Internet, my daughter got sick, then DH went on a business trip, so many unexpected things to keep me busy. I am just glad that I am an in-advanced type of designers that I don’t get too stress out about releasing new products on schedule.

This week I have two new releases. The first is Pretty Pair v2. It is is available exclusively at Scrapbook-Bytes. It is a double page template with lots of photos and journaling space.

The second one is One of a Kind. It is an artsy style template with a lot of brushwork and photo masks. It’s available as a bundle (template and photo masks) or just the photo mask. It is available at Mscraps and Scrapflower.